Ms Ling (Tan Gek Ling)

Little Big Pre-school Pte Ltd

Ms Ling (Tan Gek Ling)
30 Sep 2022

SSDB: Little Big x Willing Heart for our lovely Telok Kurau community

Little Big is happy to play a meaningful part to serve the closely knitted community located in Telok Kurau area in the eastern part of Singapore. We have participated in SSDB project since it first started in 2015 as it resonates greatly with our school core value of instilling love in young children. Just like what our children alway say when questioned about what they like and dislike about SSDB - “I can’t think of anything I dislike about SSDB because I like to help others especially when I get to do it together with my friends!”.

For this year’s SSDB, our children from the K2 class were inspired by one of their classmates who has decided to spend his birthday goodies bag expenses on getting groceries to donate to people who needed them. He shared a video on how he went to the supermarket to buy the groceries and personally delivered them. This meaningful act of kindness motivated many of our children to do the same for their birthdays.

With that, the K2 children spearheaded a food donation drive by creating posters to invite families of Little Big to contribute to this good cause. Willing Heart is the perfect non profit organisation within our community to work with as it is a huge ‘soup kitchen’ that welcomes volunteers and food items donation to provide meals for people in need islandwide.

With purposeful planning, we were able to integrate the SSDB project into our school curriculum. Our children learned the components of letter writing where they wrote letters to their parents requesting for wagon and trolley to transport the donated items. They also compared prices of food items from the different online supermarkets and learned the concept of money.

After a week of collection, our children were so excited and proud of their achievement when they saw so many food items donated by our families. They took time to sort and load the items onto the wagons/trolleys before heading out to Willing Heart the next day. It was incredible to see how the children worked together to push/pull the wagons/trolleys of food items and walked to Willing Heart which was eight minutes away from our school.

It was indeed an insightful trip for the children as they saw the number of volunteers preparing the huge amount of vegetables and using such big pots and pans to cook. “They need to use a big pan so that they can cook for many people. This will speed up the process and save time, right?” commented one of our children.

The SSDB journal is an awesome tool for the children to reflect and document this meaningful journey. They were really serious about penning down their experiences! A big shoutout to our Little Big families for your contribution in making this community learning experience possible! 💕

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