Magdasal Gypsy Rose Deligero

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Magdasal Gypsy Rose Deligero
15 Oct 2021

SSDB Launch: Save Energy, Save Earth

Last 16th of April 2021, our centre was graced by the presence of Ms. Deivanai Jaganathan of the National Environment Agency, who conducted a Terrarium Workshop to all our children. The children learned the basics of setting plants into terrariums and some care tips.

Other than learning and enjoying layering the soil and coloured stones in their pet bottles, the children, more importantly, were able to understand how planting trees can help save energy by providing shade and keeping the air cool, thereby minimizing the use of electric fans and air conditioners. They learned how plants aid in slowing down global warming and in providing a cleaner, healthier climate.

Prior to the celebration, the children crafted 3D art pieces made from electronic waste with the help of their parents at home. They brought and showcased their unique works to school and talked about it in our ‘E-Waste Show and Tell’ activity. Through the activity, the children learned ways on how to be environmentally responsible. They were able to understand that keeping and maintaining a clean environment is a shared responsibility and they, too, as young as they are, can take part by doing the simple act of reducing, reusing, and recycling—may it be electronic waste or scraps that can still be recycled.

In addition, interactive reminders and posters were also put up in the reception area to keep parents informed of the repercussions of amassed and inappropriate disposal of e-waste to the environment and how to mitigate this by disposing them in designated e-waste recycling stations in Singapore.

Avenues for learning electricity and electronics were also provided to the children.

Playgroup (PG), Pre-Nursery (PN) and Nursery (N) children were amazed at the effects of static electricity—how their hairs stood up and how the butterfly’s wing moved up and down after rubbing the balloon onto their hair; and how a spoonful of cornstarch goop moved towards the balloon!

Whereas the K1 and K2 children had the opportunity to explore, learn and create electronics using circuit stickers and playdough circuits.

It was a wonderful day, indeed, to learn about electricity, electronics and above all, ways on saving energy! This is just the beginning. Stay tune!

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