Sohfiyah Binte Abdullah Sani

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Timah Blk 207 (CC)

Sohfiyah Binte Abdullah Sani
18 May 2021

SSDB Launch Party with MINDS Faber TDC - 12 May 2021

It was an honour to have MINDS Faber Training & Development Centre (TDC) to join us for our launch party on Wednesday, 12 May 2021.

Our tag line for this year party is titled, “Share, Care, Hug Like A Bear”. Our objective is to educate children about the importance of being kind and caring towards others, environment and animals.

We are focusing on people around them who may have disabilities or special needs to instill the sense of empathy in children.

The clients from MINDS Faber TDC as well as the children had fun as they sang and danced to the songs and games planned. Children also performed some dances and recited poems for the clients to enjoy. Our interns from Singapore Polytechnic also contributed in this event by creating the banner and leading some dance activities.

We would definitely continue this partnership with them and bring out the best character in children.

After we ended the party, we exchanged gifts whereby our centre gave some cookies to Madam Shafiyah,  Manager of MINDS Faber TDC and we were presented with a painting done by one of MINDS client, Ms Lay Choo.

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