Aqilah Sharafanah

MOE Kindergarten @ Fernvale

Aqilah Sharafanah
6 Aug

SSDB Launch Party: We ‘Wheelie’ Appreciate You!

The theme for this year’s SSDB is ‘A Caring and Inclusive Home For All’ and in line with one of our missions to introduce the sense of appreciation among our preschoolers, we have planned for a community project titled, “We ‘Wheelie’ Appreciate You” which aims to give our teachers, children and parents the opportunity to encourage and appreciate the bus and train captains as well as the staff of SBS Transit & SMRT for the safe journey they have been providing us as well as the endless sacrifices they have made, especially during this pandemic crisis.

We kickstarted our SSDB Project by understanding more about how the COVID-19 has impacted many of us and our livelihoods by sharing and discussing with the children through the use of presentation slides and video conferences. 

Our K2 children were given the opportunity to reflect on the roles of the staff of SBS Transit and SMRT and their extra duties during the Circuit Breaker such as helping with the mass transfer of COVID-19 patients between places such as hospitals, migrant worker dormitories and the various community recovery and care facilities, operating 24/7 every day and extended measures they have been implementing to provide a safer journey for the community such as disinfecting the transportation more often.

After the discussion, we gathered the children’s authentic responses and guided them to write the SSDB pledges on how they would like to show their appreciation towards the staff such as by giving a bottle of water, presenting an artwork, greeting and saying thank you, etc.

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