Islander Preschool

6 Jun

SSDB Launch Party: Little Community Heroes - Caring for the Community

Islander Preschool held our SSDB Launch Party on 21st May 2024. Our project will focus on “Caring for the Community.” During the launch party, the Nursery 2 children played various games made with recycled materials and learned how they can contribute to caring for the environment, animals, and community helpers.

Through the activity ‘Throwing the Hoop,’ they learned that they can care for animals by saving them.

The children learned the importance of focusing in times of need, using the example, “When there is an emergency, they can call our community helpers for help.” As the children played the game of bowling, they focused and aimed the ball.

The children learned how to care for the environment by reusing materials. In this case, we reused an egg carton to play a game where they threw bottle caps.

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