Bilbao Carel Grace Barbaton

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kampong Chai Chee Blk 131 (CC)

Bilbao Carel Grace Barbaton
16 Oct 2021

SSDB Launch Party at Sparkletots Preschool @ KCC Blk 131

Last April 29, 2019 we invited parents to come and join us for our SSDB Launch Party. In this way, the parents will get know what our project for this year is all about.

For this year, we will be concentrating on recycling ang kindness with the theme of: “Be Kind to the World”.

But before anything else, here are some preparations we did before the big day!

Since our theme is all about recycling, why don’t we make our invitations using recyclable materials?

To liven up our room we put up our SSDB banner, mobiles and additional decorations up!

The Launch Party Day!!

The parents and children were gathered for our launch party! We had a short talk on what will be in store for our SSDB Project this year.

After the talk we did our activity and pledges together with the parents.

The children and parents had a great time during our SSDB Launch. Until next time! :)

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