Siti Sarah Binte Abdul Halim

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Joo Chiat (DS)

Siti Sarah Binte Abdul Halim
8 Jul

SSDB Launch Party 2024 - Saving Our Environment

We are thrilled to announce that the Nursery 2 class of PCF Sparkletots @ Joo Chiat 15 will be participating in the Start Small Dream Big project for 2024. This exciting initiative, aimed at fostering community spirit and encouraging children to make a positive impact, aligns perfectly with our commitment to holistic education. Our young learners are eager to embark on this journey, where they will engage in meaningful activities designed to nurture empathy, creativity, and social responsibility.

To kickstart the project, the children celebrated with an exciting SSDB Launch Party. The children explored various ways to help make the earth a greener place, starting with comparing images of clean versus polluted environments. They then read the e-book “Why Should I Recycle?” by Jen Green, which provided valuable insights into the importance of recycling.

With the knowledge they attained, the children eagerly shared their ideas on how to save the earth. Suggestions included not wasting tissue paper and using reusable bags when shopping. Their teacher emphasised the importance of reusing items and introduced the concept of creating liquid fertilizer from fruit peels. To commemorate the launch of their SSDB project, the children enthusiastically coloured their SSDB Banner together.

In the afternoon, the teachers demonstrated how to make liquid fertilizer. Using apple peels and lettuce stems, they blended the pieces in a food processor. The children then helped by placing the blended mixture into a jug, mixing it with tap water and brown sugar. The mixture was left to ferment under the hot sun, initiating the process of creating liquid fertilizer.

Stay tuned for updates as we observe the results of our liquid fertilizer experiment! Keep an eye out for more exciting news from our SSDB project.

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