Wong Jen (Ms)

Little World Child Care and Development Centre Pte Ltd

Wong Jen (Ms)
28 Mar 2018

SSDB Launch Details @ Little World

The year 2018 will be a wonderful year for Little World Child Care and Development Centre.

After several attempts, finally in 2018, we decided to be bold and make a head start with the Start Small Dream Big project.

Teachers, children and even parents of Little World are very excited to embark on this project which had been delayed several times for the past few years.

We have made plans to start this project with a big BOOM on the day of the SSDB Launch. 

The theme which we have selected to start our SSDB project this year is ‘Recycling Makes Our World Go Round’. Just by reading the title of our theme, we are sure you guys could tell where our main focus is. It is one of our aims to create awareness to the children, parents and even the public the positive aspects of recycling.

Below are the details of our Programme Highlights which will be done on the day of the SSDB Launch, 6th April 2018, Friday.

To end up our first story, we would like to wish ourselves as well as to the other participating schools:

Enjoy 2018 and make a positive change to the lives of people around you. 💖

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