Lim Ying Ching (Olivia)

Kids' Kingdom CDLC

Lim Ying Ching (Olivia)
15 Apr 2023

SSDB Launch: Caring for our neighbours

Kids’ Kingdom CDLC has launched the SSDB on 13 April 2023! The children were briefed on the significance of doing this project - which is to spread love and care to the people around us! The older children still hold the memories of helping to pack the care packages last year. Some of them remember that they followed their parents as volunteers to distribute the care packages to the needy residents at the rental flats. The new SSDB theme: “Many helping hands, caring for everyone” is aptly described what the children can contribute in their own small ways to show love and care to the community. We hope the yearly project can make an impact in children’s life to become concern citizens in our society.

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