Aarti Uma Shankar

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Punggol West Blk 308B (DS)

Aarti Uma Shankar
8 Jul 2021

SSDB launch 2021 : Kids can be heroes too!

The SSDB project was launched in conjunction with Parents and Grandparents day. Children did a skit on the different themes that the school has participated for SSDB since 2017. A video was put together compiling the contributions of the school for SSDB since 2017. This was shown during the Parents and Grandparents day Zoom call. In addition children performed songs, dances and poems on Parents and Grandparents. Children also create a family craft that also showed their appreciation. Children were indeed out little heroes!

Click to watch the skit on SSDB throwback done by the K2 children!


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