Suzliana Md Sanif (Mdm)

Iman Childcare (Jurong)

Suzliana Md Sanif (Mdm)
27 Mar 2018


For this year’s launch, we are planning to have it outdoor..

Below are the details of the launch..

Here are the highlights of the launch..

As part of our SSDB project, our children will be involved in botany activities. They will get to explore on how to care and look after plants, knowing different ways of planting vegetables and observing the growth of their plants / vegetables.

The grown vegetables will then be donated to our chosen Charity Body.

Children will be decorating their pots and plant the seeds and these will be part of the garage sale during our Parent Teacher Meeting. The proceeds collected from the sales will be donated to the Charity Body as well..

Teachers have informed children about our participation for SSDB this year and they are totally looking forward to the Launch & the activities..

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