Josette Aldemo Empleo

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Jurong Central Blk 308 (CC)

Josette Aldemo Empleo
29 Sep 2021

SSDB Finale: Giving Back

K2 class has participated with Start Small Dream Big Project and the children had collaboration with Sky Garden during the previous months before the heightened phase. During those safe time, children were given a lot of hands on experience about gardening. We are truly grateful to have this opportunity to work with senior gardeners!

To show our appreciation, children together with their parents, created garden decors using recyclable materials that were mostly available at home. All decors were given to Mdm Kamisah, the person in charge at the Sky Garden. We truly had a wonderful year despite the pressing issue of Covid-19! Stay safe everyone! See you next year! ❤️

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