Nadhirah Norizan

Skool4Kidz @ Tampines GreenRidges

Nadhirah Norizan
4 Jan

SSDB Finale

We have finally came to the end of our SSDB Journey. We gathered together for our last SSDB session and began by singing the SSDB song. Singing the song together felt nostalgic as we recalled activities we have done such as our love collage, puppet show by Kindsville and also understanding the work of soldiers and showing respect to what they do by marching like them during our NDP celebration. 

We also played a simple puzzle game where we had to assemble puzzle pieces together. We started off by looking for the puzzle pieces around our classroom. Then we worked together as a class to complete the puzzle. After assembling the puzzle pieces, we saw that it was a picture of our classes that we took during our SSDB Launch! We felt excited that we have come full circle with this project! 

Also, as part of our finale, we wanted to give back to the community. Hence we participated in the Project Re-Play by Preschool Market. We donated our toys to help the needy. Although it was hard to let our toys go, we understood the importance of giving. We hope our toys would give joy to other children as it did for us! 

And finally at the end of our SSDB Project, each of us were presented with a certificate to indicate that we were ‘Bucket Filler Certified!’ Through our SSDB process we have learnt and experienced values such us Kindness, Respect and Love that we will instil in our being as we grow and lead our lives!

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