Appleland Montessori Childcare Centre

4 Apr

SSDB: Community in Bloom - Launched on March 15

In the month of March teachers and children begun their journey of Saving Water and also Saving Gaia via our Appleland Garden. 

We acquired a small plot of land besides our centre from Town Council and we fenced it up to start our own garden. 

We intended to use that land to plant plants/trees so that the children will learn and understand the need to save water (while watering the plants) and how to help save the Earth (through recycling and planting)

We even invited the child’s /children’s parent to help us in planting or donating seeds for our Garden. 

Throughout the weeks, we exposed our children to activities that leads them to learn the need to recycle and use their plastic bottles and turned it into watering can and also how to save water and help the earth revived. 

The children had a wonderful time learning the needs to save water and water the plants and trees. The Kindergarten kids learned more as to why we need to plant more plants or trees to help prevent further “green house effects” to our world .

The parents helped in designing some of the watering can and help the children to save water even at home. 

The children did well for both home and school activities. 

Some did saving water and some did planting to save the earth. Well done kids! 

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