My First Skool @ Yishun Blk 423

29 Jun 2020

SSDB - Caring for the Environment by My First Skool Yishun 4!

We kick start our SSDB project by having a launch party! Our parents attended the party and had a lovely time participating in the activities we prepared for them in relation to caring for the environment.

The children and parents worked together to create our banner, and recited the pledge together in vowing to care for the environment.

As part of our SSDB project, we put in the effort to have as much earth-related activities as possible in the classroom. Some of our activities included turning straws into bracelets/necklaces, and recycling bottles into flower pots.

We urge parents to participate in this project by dressing the kids up in green or blue attire every Friday! (Colours of the Earth)

We have Earth Hour every Friday from 3-5pm where we switched off the lights and encouraged the children to appreciate life without electricity for those 2 hours. At the same time, the kids were taught as much as possible on the importance of saving electricity as we celebrate sustainability and show our support for strategies that will help solve the problem of global warming!

Besides Earth Hour, we also conduct Water Ration Exercise as well every Friday from 3-5pm! The kids were taught that 1 of the ways to love and care for the earth is simply, by saving water. They learnt how to conserve water and that each drop of water is very precious.

For our SSDB project on Caring for the Environment, we vow to instill love and care for our beautiful earth in each and every child! :)

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