Nur Ellyna Binte Rosli

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Fernvale Blk 416A (DS)

Nur Ellyna Binte Rosli
26 Nov 2020

SSDB Bag My Water Cycle

Children also learnt about water cycle as it is essential as a stepping stone to ignite children’s interests in water.

Again we created a parental toolkit to create a chance for children to bond with their parents at home.

It was their home-school project whereby they will complete a simple activity at home.

Parents feedback was they discussed with their children about the water cycle and processes that happened - evaporation, condensation and rain.

Here are the photos being shared with us through our parents engagement portal.

Children wore their orange hat and took a photo with their projects.

We thanked parents for their support and encouragement.

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