Wong Jen

Learning Kidz Educare Pte Ltd @ Tampines Junction

Wong Jen
14 May

SSDB 2024 Launch Party by Learning Kidz@Tampines Junction

The lyrics of Roslan Madun’s song “Lemak Manis” convey a sense of politeness, courtesy, and nostalgia. The opening lines “Sopan santun, Anak melayu, Senyum terukir, Senyum terukir bila disapa” speak of a Malay child who embodies good manners and wears a smile when greeted. The use of the word “pantun” suggests the traditional Malay poetic form, indicating a longing that flows through the words.

The mention of the “pohon sena” and “pohon meranti” in the middle section of the song adds a natural element, as these are types of trees found in Malaysia. The reference to “buluh perindu” symbolizes the bamboo that longs for its loved one, representing the intensity of the longing described in the lyrics.

The dance is a bridge to enable interaction and understanding between children from different backgrounds, where they learn to accept diversity in a creative as well as social context. At the same time, through learning this Malay cultural dance together, children of different abilities and backgrounds learn to embrace diversity and develop empathy.

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