Valderrama Camille Dela Cruz

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Toa Payoh West-Thomson Blk 205 (DS)

Valderrama Camille Dela Cruz
10 Oct 2023

SSDB 2023 - From Garbage to Good Use Project!

This year, our centre inaugurated the Start Small Dream Big project that will focus on Recyling and Caring For The Environment”. The goal is to allow the K1 little Earth warriors to explore environmental issues, engage in problem-solving and take action to improve the environment. We also hope that this project will instill a love of nature and inspire them to do their part to give back to the environment that has nourishes and nurtures us in many ways.

We first started off with a brief introduction on the SSDB project and prior to their knowledge, the children ‘unpacked’ the meaning of care in their own words. After which, we went deep into discussion about how garbage has negative effect on Earth and the importance of keeping the environment clean. The children worked together to create a banner for a SSBD launch party, which marks the implementation of our project. The banner carries the slogan ‘From Garbage to Good Use’. Here are some pictures of the activities related to this event.

Our first activity for this project is to take part in cleaning the environment whereby our little Earth warriors pick up the litters in the neighbourhood.

We also partnered with Semb-Enviro Plastic Recycling League 2023 where our little Earth warriors, families and some neighbours engaged in throwing recyclable plastics into the correct bag! Through recycling, we all commit ourselves to protect the environment!

We also created our own recycling corner to reduce waste in the classroom. This promotes discipline and responsibility in our little Earth warriors! In learning that their actions and habits will have a massive contribution to the Earth, they will be inspired do their part in making our planet clean, safe and happy to live in! Hurray!

What a fun way to spy recyling bins in the community! See how our little Earth warriors work collaboratively to spy as many recyling bins as they can!

As we move forward to our project, the children were delighted to be involved in different activities such as recyling papers, upcycle old t shirts and create transportation crafts using recycled materials! Here are some snippets of the fun moments….

How to Recycle Old Papers?

DIY bags!

K1 Transportation Crafts!

As a closure, the children had a “Show & Tell” session after they created a craft using recycled material(s) that can be found in their home. Recycled materials can inspire imagination by offering children opportunities to explore and create new forms of art, building, and design.Through this project, we ask parents to talk with their child about sustainability, eliminating waste, and reusing valuable products. Hurray!

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