Lim Tong En

Sunflower Preschool @ Bedok Reservoir

Lim Tong En
24 Oct 2023

SSDB 2023 Finale: Parental Involvement Project (Poster-Making)

“We need to protect the sea animals in the ocean! The sea is their home, so we also need to protect their home!”

Coming to the end of our school’s SSDB project this year, the N2 to K2 children participated in the finale activity to create a poster on marine conservation as part of our parental involvement project after our field trip to the S.E.A. Aquarium.

“I read some books, then they say the sea is very important to the animals, so we need to make sure it is clean so that they can swim!”

The N2 to K2 children’s parents were encouraged to create a poster, alongside their child, to promote the importance of conserving the marine environment. After thorough research and discussion at home, they made use of various art materials and imagination to create their own posters.

“Look, I draw so many sea creatures in my ocean! But the oil from the ship and the plastic bags make them choke and now they cannot breathe, and then they will die and become bones already..”

The N2 to K2 levels were then involved in a class show-and-tell session, where they showcased their completed posters on marine conservation and shared about them verbally to other peers.

Throughout our SSDB project this year, the children have explored in-depth about the theme of ‘Our Marine Kingdom’. They have gained much more insights on different sea creatures living in the ocean and the importance of conserving the marine environment.

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