Ms Gretel Eng

Picket Fence @ Macpherson

Ms Gretel Eng
4 Aug

SSDB 2022: Picket Fence @ Macpherson Presents - 'Caring for the Environment’

In conjunction with the topic of caring for the community, the children explored ways they can help others and the environment.In that same week, the children were introduced to the charity initiative and how people are doing their part in building a more caring and inclusive society.

As a school, we decided to create environmentally friendly crafts to put up for sale for fundraising.

The PG & N1 children created their animal planters using the plants they harvested. They were thrilled to witness the growth of their seeds and continued to provide care for their plants. 

The N2 children learnt ways they can reuse household items such as old clothes. The teacher facilitated the class and turned old t-shirt into a reusable bag. Not only it extends the life of the clothes, it reduces waste!

The K1 children also created reusable bags for the charity initiative. They decorated their bags with ‘green reminder’ to promote environmental awareness.

“It all starts with recycling”

They created beautiful home decor using whatever recyclables they could find in the school’s recycling bin. Instead of throwing them away, the children made wind chimes, dreamcatchers and bracelets!

These items will be put up on sale during Craft Fair 2022. All proceeds will go to Down Syndrome Association - Singapore.

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