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26 Sep 2021

SSDB 2021:Go Green with Captain Green : Reduce Reuse, Recycle : Save our future

Parental involvement : Making of our toys at home using recycled materials

As a part of the project, parents were invited to participate in it by creating a home made toy for children using all the recycle materials. It was highly appreciated how parents actively involved their child in the process of doing it, thus, creating the ownership of the toy as well as inculcating the importance of 3R in them.

It didn’t end here. Children continued to reuse things whenever possible. They created the firefly crafts using empty bottles. 

In conclusion, we could say, everyone can do something to make an impact on the Earth. In our project, we inculcated the values of 3R in our children. We started small but collectively we were aiming at big dreams-“Save Our Future”. 

The End.

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