Joyce Lim Pei Ling

Super Talent Childcare (Macpherson Blk 93)

Joyce Lim Pei Ling
14 Jun

SSDB 2021 - Shoo shoo, litter bug!

The theme for Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) 2021, “Stay connected, Make a Difference” makes us wonder how we can put together our little efforts to make a difference while staying safe in this difficult time. After a long discussions with the teachers and children, we decided to channel our efforts on environment conservation this year.

Supertalent Childcare @ Macpherson 93 launched our SSDB project on 13 May 2021, before Phase 2 Heightened Alert was implemented. The primary objective of our project, “Shoo Shoo, Litter Bug”, is to raise awareness and encourage everyone to play their part and be responsible for the cleanliness of shared public spaces.

To help our children understand the importance of the campaign, we planned a series of activities for the children to embark on. The first activity of our project was Neighbourhood Clean Up!

All decked in masks, protective gloves and tongs, the N2, K1 and K2 children took turns to walk around our neighbourhood in pairs to pick up litters and leaves/twigs. The children were very excited during the activity and shared their findings enthusiastically with each other.

During our neighbourhood clean up, we picked up a variety of things such as ribbons, tissue papers, food wrappers, strings, plastic bags and even broken toys! The children were shocked to see so many items laying around our neighbourhood. One of the child even shared, “I am going to ask my friends to all throw their things properly.”. It was amazing how this simple yet engaging activity could trigger such meaningful reflections from our little ones.

The children were asked to sort the items they found into two seperate bags - 1 for leaves and twigs and 1 for rubbish. The bag of leaves and twigs will be transformed into creative works in the later part of our project!

Undoubtedly, the children’s safety is our top priority. Other than providing the children with ample protective gears during the activity, the teachers also ensured that the children sanitised and washed their hands with soap thoroughly after the activity. They were also reminded to maintain a safe distance between each other as well as members of the public.

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