Banez Liezel Macaro

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Marine Parade Blk 46 (DS)

Banez Liezel Macaro
19 Mar

SSDB 2021 Launching

It’s a start of something new! PCF Sparkletots at Marine Parade has officially launched our SSDB Project for 2021! The N2, K1, and K2 children were able to fully embrace this year’s centre’s theme, “From Little Seeds to Little Good Deeds”.

This year, the focus of our SSDB project is all about gardening. We hope to educate and create awareness in our children to understand how gardening can create a positive impact in the community. Teachers successfully discussed with the children what the 2021 SSDB Project has in store for them!

During the briefing, the children were excited about how a seed grows into a plant. Throughout the year, they will experience how it is to take care of the different vegetables, which varies from one level to another.

Furthermore, we were also able to brief the parents on how they can contribute to the SSDB Project. This year, our goal is to truly make this project a collaborative effort between the school, the parents, the children, and the community. Indeed, no one can do everything but everyone can do something!

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