Cindy Chin

MOE Kindergarten @ Dazhong

Cindy Chin
2 Sep 2019

SSDB 2018 - Accepting others who maybe different

The K2s of MK@Dazhong embarked on this journey with the objective of showing acceptance to people who maybe different from us. We collaborated with APSN-DSS (Association of Persons with Special Needs-Delta Senior School) for this special project. On 5 Mar we had a soft launch where APSN-DSS came to our school to perform for us…


They sang different songs and the children loved the students’ positive vibes and confidence during the performance. Teachers and children presented a big thank you card to them to show our appreciation. We look forward to our collaboration again in August! 

17 August 2018: APSN-DSS HERE WE COME!

On this date, we made the trip to APSN-DSS at Choa Chu Kang. All of us were excited because the Teachers and students would be teaching us how to make snow skin moon cakes! Yummy!

But before we head to the kitchen…

Some of the students led us on a tour around their sensory garden. They readily shared about their knowledge on plants. There were lime, passion fruit, lemon, pandan leaves and even mango and banana trees! Our children were delighted as they toured around the premise.

Time to go into the kitchen…. 

we were greeted warmly by Chef Vincent and his group of Teachers and student helpers…

Chef Vincent was very friendly and funny and the children loved him 😆 He went on to demonstrate the making of moon cakes. 

Children were so excited to start making their own snow skin moon cakes! 

The student helpers assisted our children throughout the process. They were patient towards them and the K2s listened and followed their instructions as well. The whole atmosphere was delightful and heart warming. Well done and great effort everyone 👍🏼

Besides making moon cakes, our children were treated to a sing-along 🎤 🎵 🎶 and story reading sessions. It was such a rewarding and enriched experiences for our children. 

Now it’s time to say goodbyes… til we meet again!

With that, here ends our SSDB 2018 journey. It had been amazing!

Thank you APSN-DSS  💖 for collaborating with us and allowing us to learn the value of accepting  others who maybe different. Most importantly, thank you for becoming our friends!

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