Nurul Syafiqah Binte Sabtu

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Nurul Syafiqah Binte Sabtu
29 Jun 2017

SSDB 2017: Give A Gift, Spread The Happiness


We embarked on this movement with the objective of spreading happiness in the community, to give thanks to the community; community helpers & to provide an opportunity to reflect how it feels like to be giving instead of being at the receiving end. We also got the community to pay the happiness forward by spinning the “Spin & Spread” wheel.

We began the project by collecting pre-loved t-shirts from our children. 3M also gladly donated to us t-shirts from previous years for this project. Throughout this project, parents, teachers and children (Nursery, K1, K2) were involved in the preparation process. A few parents from our Parent Support Group (PSG) came down to help us tie the shirts into bags. The children helped to design the bags and colour the postcards while teachers helped to prepare the stickers and design a few of the bags too. We also had the help of volunteers from SIM University to pack the bags. The bags included a bottle of water, a N95 mask (donated by 3M), “Give a gift, Spread the Happiness” postcard and stickers, as well as door gifts kindly donated by the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM).

K2 children represented the school and set out to spread happiness on the 26th May 2017. In the morning, the mission of giving starts with our community helpers of MacPherson. Children gave out the recycle bag and a certificate to thank them for keeping our neighborhood clean. Children were so excited to give out bags to our community helpers. Seeing the smiles on their faces, we’re glad that we have spread the happiness to them.

Next, we set off to Orchard Road to “Spread the Happiness”. Upon reaching, we set up our booth and once it was up, children were all ready to “Give a Gift, Spread the Happiness”. At first some of the children were hesitant to approach the people however once they saw their friends able to do it, they began to be active going around to spread the happiness. While children were going around giving the bags, the people of the community who received our bags were brought to the booth to spin the “Spin& Spread” wheel. Which ever that the arrow lands on, that is their gift for another person to pay the happiness forward. Some of the gifts included; a hi-five, a dance, goodies, a stalk of flower or a flying kiss”

We ended the day with a reflection session in school. Children enjoyed the event and they felt happy to see the smiles on the people’s faces when they gave the bags. They felt that it was fun and it was nice to give others. We hope that through this project children would be able to have a sense of empathy and know that giving is a wonderful thing to do no matter how small a gift is.

We would like to say thank you to our partners in education; the children and parents for being involved throughout the process of preparing for our SSDB Kindness day Project and SIM University students for volunteering on that day.

We would also like to thank Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM)& 3M for their constant support for our SSDB Kindness Project.

Lastly thank you to the public for being supportive and joining our movement to “Give a Gift, Spread the Happiness”! ♥


“Gifts are subjective. What matter most is to spread the happiness wherever you go”

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