Nur Refah Binte Haa-meed

MOE Kindergarten @ Greendale

Nur Refah Binte Haa-meed
4 Jul

SSDB: “Treasuring Family and Friends!” Launch Party

MOE Kindergarten @ Greendale has successfully launched our Start Small Dream Project, “Treasuring Family and Friends!” on the 26th of April 2023 for our K1 cohort.

Research has shown that parental involvement is directly correlated to children’s success in school, and as a school we decided to encourage caregivers to spend more quality time with their children to build on and foster closer relationships together.

In addition, we would also like to place emphasis on the virtue of gratitude, and get children to be more appreciative of their families and friends- by encouraging them to express this gratitude through love, respect, commitment, as well as care and concern.

At our launch party, we invited caregivers for a terrarium making workshop with their child, and It was an excellent opportunity for parents to spend quality time and build a stronger relationship with their child in a cosy environment.

It was heartening to witness caregivers interacting with their child and other families too.

Children were also observed to be introducing their friends to their caregivers as well as the classroom layout and their experiences in school.

Overall, the launch party was a success with many caregivers having a better understanding of their children’s learning environment, and children leaving with a new appreciation for their family’s participation in their lives.


MK@Greendale Team

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