Ng Jia Xin

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Fengshan Blk 108 (CC)

Ng Jia Xin
19 May 2023

SSDB “Family Love” 2022: DIY Photo Frame

In conjunction with our SSDB “Family Love” project and Grandparents’ Day, our K1 and K2 students made their own family photo frame to showcase their treasured family that includes their grandparents too. This craft activity also aimed to give our children an appreciation for the concept of family lineage.

To make the family photo frames, the K1 students mainly used heart-shaped paper cutouts, twine strings and twigs.

On the other hand, the K2 students mainly used popsicle sticks and crystal stickers to make and decorate their photo frames.

The children showed great sense of pride in their family as they introduced their family members who were in the photo to their teachers and peers. Children were actively engaged in the activity and displayed creativity in decorating their photo frames. Children also expressed great satisfaction, pride and happiness upon completion.

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