M.Y World @ Hougang

5 Jun

Spreading Joy & Warmth to the Migrant Workers: Together we care for them

Migrant workers are an asset to every country where they bring their labour. Let us give them the care, concern & warmth they deserve.

M.Y World @ Hougang aimed to reinforce the value of Appreciation in this project as we brainstormed on different ways to show appreciation to our Migrant workers who have worked so hard for everyone in Singapore. We also believe in our continuous efforts in integrating Sustainability in this project to guide children in developing positive lifelong attitudes and values towards saving the environment.

In this project, we collaborated with Itsrainingraincoats and Team Power Engineering Pte Ltd to understand more about the necessities which the migrant workers need.

Team Power Engingeering Pte Ltd also kindly donated some safety helmets for the children to write their thank you messages on.

We started off by asking parents & children to bring in old clothes & necessities donations over a period of time. The children upcycled the old clothes by turning them into beautiful tote bags. First of all, they cut the sleeves off the tops, cut the neckline area, cut slits from the bottom of the shirt up to the line marking the bottom of the bag before tying them into knots. Then, they completed the final product by placing the necessities such as shampoos, shower gel, toothpaste & toothbrushes into the tote bags. The children even wrote “Thank You” notes before securing them on the tote bags.

In addition, the children also decorated the safety helmets with many thank you messages. They were so proud of their masterpieces. We hope that the safety helmets & carepacks would be of good use to the migrant workers.

Activities like these encourage children to be thankful and appreciative of the things they have and the people around them.

It was also touching to learn that the workers found comfort in the messages as they remember their children back home. We are grateful to have brought warmth to the migrant workers.

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