Marissa Ida Syazwani Binte Azral

Iyad Perdaus Child Development (HG)

Marissa Ida Syazwani Binte Azral
31 Aug 2018

Sporty T.R.A.S.H.formers Carnival

Our SSDB carnival event was tied up with our Sports Day event which also falls on the eve of National Day. We had a 3-in-1 celebration on Wednesday, 8th August 2018. The children started the event with SGactive workout as part of National Day celebration followed by obstacle games for Sports Day before the SSDB carnival was launched.

We gathered the N1 to K2 children with their teachers to assist us in creating one game for the carnival. Apart from that, we approached parents to spare some time in helping us to create items that can be sold during the event as to raise funds for our beneficiaries.

There were different booths during the carnival and our K2 children were assigned to man the booth with the respective teachers. 3 game booths with 2 games in each booth, booth selling foods and drinks, a booth to sell the items that were created using recycled materials and lastly a booth with cookies of pet shapes to be sold as to link to our IGP “A pet for life”.

We invited the officer from ECDA and AVA during the carnival.

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