Anbarasi Renga Doraisamy

YMCA CDC @ Toa Payoh

Anbarasi Renga Doraisamy
8 Jun

Sow and Grow Bloomers

We launched our SSDB project “Sow and Grow Bloomers” on 19 April 2024. This year’s project is greatly reliant on parental support, underscoring the importance of their involvement. To kick off the project, parents were cordially invited to our launch party, where they were briefed on the various ways they could contribute throughout its duration. Additionally, they had the opportunity to witness their children taking a heartfelt pledge, committing to active participation in showing care and giving back.

To commence the project, our children enthusiastically took charge of nurturing the plants in our garden. While the older ones diligently fetched water in buckets, the younger ones creatively repurposed recycled Yakult containers for watering. Each small action they took played a crucial role in fostering a thriving and vibrant garden environment, reflecting their commitment to sustainability and care for the environment.

The blue pea flowers in our garden were ready for harvest. The children eagerly undertook the task of harvesting them. With great care, they gathered the flowers in recycling bags. These flowers would then be washed and used for cooking later in the kitchen​.

Jacob Ballas in the Botanical Gardens was the chosen destination for our learning journey this time. The children had wonderful experiences observing a diverse array of flora and fauna, from playful squirrels to colorful toucans. They also embarked on a mission to collect fallen leaves and twigs, diligently gathering them in recycling bags. These natural treasures would later fuel their creativity in art projects in the classroom.​ Look out for our next update on their creative art projects soon.

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