Zalifah Binte Ahmad Saakiran

Skool4Kidz Campus @ One Punggol

Zalifah Binte Ahmad Saakiran
7 Dec 2023

Skool4Kidz @ One Punggol Campus - Many Helping Hands, Caring for Everyone : Caring for Our Community ( Story 4 )

We’ve successfully completed our first SSDB project, concluding with the practical application of the lessons learned in demonstrating kindness. The children went around Skool4Kidz @ One Punggol Campus, One Punggol, and their own neighborhoods to express gratitude to unsung heroes for their efforts in maintaining a clean environment. Connecting with these individuals was both enjoyable and heartwarming. We look forward to further refining our kindness skills and eagerly anticipate participating in this project again next year. Until we meet again!

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