Zalifah Binte Ahmad Saakiran

Skool4Kidz Campus @ One Punggol

Zalifah Binte Ahmad Saakiran
16 Nov 2023

Skool4Kidz @ One Punggol Campus - Many Helping Hands, Caring for Everyone : Caring for Our Community ( Story 2 )

After launching the Kindness Project, the children at the school eagerly dove into understanding what it means to be kind. They read stories about Captain Green and Singa and Friends, discussing with their peers and teachers the importance of kindness and appreciation.

As the project continued, the children were given a special task. This year, they would be focusing on showing appreciation and kindness towards their daily unsung heroes, the cleaners. This news filled the children with excitement and motivation to create something special for them.

They began their journey by making tokens of appreciation to thank the cleaners for all their hard work and dedication. In the classroom and at home, the children poured their hearts into creating heartfelt gifts for the cleaners.

Here are photos of the Fun Learners (N1) at home, making egg carton flower crafts with their parents. The little ones were fully engaged in the activity, their faces beaming with joy and excitement as they carefully crafted each petal with love.

Our Preppy Learners (N2) working together with their peers and teachers to make a thank you card using recycled materials.

Lastly, our Knowledge Builders (K1) and Ready Schoolers (K2) making a planting pot from recycled materials and growing plants with their teachers and peers at home and in school.

Through these acts of kindness, the children not only learned the value of appreciation but also experienced the joy of giving back. It was a heartwarming sight to see the children’s genuine enthusiasm and eagerness to show kindness to their unsung heroes.

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