Diana Sridevi D/O Balasubramaniam

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Diana Sridevi D/O Balasubramaniam
7 Aug

Showing Love and appreciation for our Centre Cook and Centre Attendant

The K1 and K2 children had a discussion on the meaning of love and appreciation. The discussion led to how we can show our love and appreciation to our Cook and Centre attendant as they had been working hard to cook healthy meals and keeping the Centre clean which is important due the the Covid-19 situation.

A parental involvement activity kit was created where the parents can do a heart origami together with their child at home to show their love and appreciation for the Cook and Centre attendant at the Centre.

At the Centre, the children wrote their words of appreciation and love on the hearts. They put together all the hearts together into a giant heart collage.

A surprise event was planned where the children clapped for 1 minute to show their appreciation and a performance to show their love to the Cook and Centre attendant.

As a finale to the event, the children presented their giant heart collage and photos of the k1 and K2 class to the Cook and Centre Attendant. It was amazing to see the big smiles on our Cook and Centre Attendant faces!

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