Noor Fazrinah Binte Sead Akbar

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Buona Vista Blk 4 (DS)

Noor Fazrinah Binte Sead Akbar
20 Sep 2021

Showing Kindness to the Enviroment

For the month of September, the children discussed about the importance of the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. 

During a discussion about reusing recyclable materials to create another product, the K2 children agreed on creating a musical instrument. Afterwards, the children discussed how they created their musical instruments with the use of recycled materials, with the help of their parents. 

The K1 children collected rain water and carefully transferred it to a different container to carry out some chores. They recycled the water for art activity. During the discussion, the children understood the importance of water conservation. 

The N2 children would take a used paper and draw on the flip side whenever they would like to draw. They learn to reuse the paper, ensuring both sides are filled up before using a new piece. As such, they were able to reduce the wastage of paper. 

When the children would like to use coloured paper, they would take some from the recycling corner, using the scraps of recycled paper to create their artwork. They also learn to share the recycled paper, ensuring the utilize it fully. 

The children use recycled materials in the classroom, such as reusing toilet rolls to store their stationery.

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