Karin Kho Deng Fang

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Hong Kah North Blk 419 (CC)

Karin Kho Deng Fang
28 Aug

Showing Care and Appreciation to the People Around Us - SSDB'2021

This year, for our SSDB project, our centre has focused on the theme ‘Care and Aprreciation for the Community and the Environment’.

The first activity was done to encourage the children to reduce food wastage. This year, we have collaborated again with The Foodbank SG by providing them with excess food items that parents have donated to our centre.

All the food items donated by parents were neatly packed in boxes by the children before we forwarded them to The Foodbank SG. Looking at the number of boxes that have been packed, we were truly grateful for the contributions received from our children and their families!

The second activity provided opportunity for the children to show appreciation to the frontline workers. We have chosen to show our appreciation to the cleaners who have helped to keep our neighbourhood clean.

The children made a ‘Thank You’ card for the cleaners. We then arranged with the Town Council to hand out the cards to the cleaners in our neighbourhood. Look at us posing with the cleaners!

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