21 Jun

SHOO Dengue! SHOO! SSDB Launch Party 2022

28 April 2022

We attended a talk on dengue prevention by the National Environment Agency (NEA). Mr Chay the NEA officer told us a lot about Dengue! 

We learnt about the characteristics and features of Aedes mosquito and its life cycle, the transmission cycle, the common breeding grounds of Aedes mosquito as well as the Mozzie wipeout.

Virtual sharing by Mr Chay (NEA) on Dengue Prevention

Children attending a sharing session by NEA on Dengue Prevention

Lastly, we sang and danced to the Mozzie wipeout song and through that we discovered the ways we can stop dengue in school and at home.

Children singing and dancing to Mozzie Wipeout song

29 April 2022

We invited our parents to our Start Small Dream Big Launch Party. We performed the Mozzie Wipeout song that we have practiced hard for them to raise awareness on Dengue Prevention.

Children singing and dancing to Mozzie Wipeout song for their parents

Virtual performance to parents

Lastly, we received our SSDB goodie bags. We can’t wait to explore all of the things inside! 

Children with their SSDB goodie bags

That’s all! See you in our next story!!!

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