Ms Germaine Siew Jia Min

Spring Brainy Kidz @ Ubi

Ms Germaine Siew Jia Min
29 Aug 2022

SBK@UBI Paper Making Activity! (13/05/2022)

Paper making activity help the children in Spring Brainy Kidz (Ubi) to recap on the importance of recycling and saving paper ♻️!

The children was introduced to Paper recycling. They were told that the product use to make the paper are paper that are recycled.

Materials use for this activity include:

  1. Deckels

  2. Blender

  3. Tray (to contain water)

  4. Sponge 

  5. Water

  6. Recycled paper waste

They children enjoyed making their very own paper using recycled paper waste with the teacher guidance. 

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