Ms Germaine Siew Jia Min

Spring Brainy Kidz @ Ubi

Ms Germaine Siew Jia Min
29 Aug 2022

SBK@UBI Connecting with the Community (01/08/2022)

The children from Spring Brainy Kidz (UBI) have been partnering with TOUCH Community for 3 years. Therefore, as part of our project with the theme, “Re: Circulating Love and Care”. Children from N2 to K2 will be playing Scavenger Hunt to bond with the Touch Community partners.

The K1 kickstarted the Scavenger Hunt activity in our neighbourhood. The children teamed up the participants from Touch Community though with the interaction were little but when they found an item they were all excited. It is a stepping stone for the K1 learning about teamwork and kindness.

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