Teacher Karen

Carpe Diem Childcare Resort

Teacher Karen
30 Sep

Save Water. Save the Ocean. Save the Animals.

Throughout our learning journey about how we conserve and how we obtain water and how it is also important for animals, we also learnt about Water Pollution and its impact to the marine life. 

From learning and understanding the differences between tap water, fresh water, and salty water; it helped us to understand that Water Pollution is a serious issue that can affect animal’s life too! It is crucial because we will not be able to filter the water to make it clean and healthy for them! However, throughout the various experiments, activities and stories our teacher shared to us, we learnt that we can save them through bringing people’s awareness about cleanliness and recycling. 

With this, we decided to make a poster using recyclable materials. We wrote our messages and reminders for the people to help us save the water, save the ocean and save the animals. ☺️

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