Milagros de Montessori School @ Queen’s Close

18 Aug 2022

Reflection of a "Caring Journey"

“Caring is the gift that no one can buy. It is made up of love that roots in our hearts and create memories not just for a while but for a lifetime”.

Casa 2 children from Milagros de Montessori school wanted to show their care and love for their friends in Rainbow Centre. They painted and decorated photo frames and sold them to raise funds for the same. Children enjoyed painting the wooden photo frame and decorating it according to their creativity!

Through this meaningful activity, children understood that they are many unfortunate children around us, and they have to give them a helping hand. Children felt happy for their contribution to Rainbow Centre even though it was not a large sum. They now believe that even though they are small, they can still contribute to society with their good deeds.

Together, we can make a difference! Love is the superpower to change the world.

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