Teacher Ziqah

Initium Academy Pte Ltd

Teacher Ziqah
3 Aug

'Reduce, reuse and recycle - Helping our Earth'

At Initium Academy, we strive to extend the learning of the children in our school beyond the four walls of their classroom. We strive to make the world our classroom and mold a group of empathetic and responsible groups of advocates (aka the children) for the world around them!

We’ve started off the ‘Start small, dream big’ project with a group discussion with both the Kindergarten 1 and 2 children in their own respective classes and discussing things that are close to their heart - making a change in their everyday lives that will greatly benefit the world around them. Both groups of children had a great amount of sharing about things that they wanted to do. The K1 class had been learning about the rainforest through the circuit breaker period and had an intensive discussion about global warming and deforestation and were really keen on recycling materials and reducing wastage. This had spearheaded the discussion towards the main idea of ‘Reusing, reducing and recycling’.

Hence, for this year, we are focusing on ‘Reduce, reuse and recycle - Helping our Earth’ and our main goal is to:

  1. Reduce food wastage

  2. Reuse milk cartons/plastic bottles that the children brought to school as planting pots and watering cans

  3. Inculcating the attribute of responsibility, empathy and taking ownership of their own plants and taking a step in being advocates for Earth

The children had also been constantly reflecting on their own practices and working out different ways that they can be positive change agents in their own environment and making sure that they follow it through - most importantly by finishing their food and moving forward, their own plants!

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