Shirlie Tan

Bethel Preschool

Shirlie Tan
22 May 2017

Recycling Drive- Fund Raising event for Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre

As part of our SSDB projects, we organized a recycling drive from 2-12 May to collect our parents’ and children’s preloved items to raise funds for Fei Yue Hougang Activity Centre.

We have chosen this way of raising funds so as to get our children to see the value in our preloved items and to see the process on how their own items are going to be converted into some funds for the benefit of the needy seniors. Throughout this process, the children also learnt the meaning of “preloved”, “recycling”, “reusing”, etc.

Although the amount raised was not a big sum of money, during the first time we collected and sold the items to Recycling Drive, we used this teachable moment to match a dollar to dollar and get the K-level children to learn the concept of money by figuring out i.e. how many apples can they buy with $43? Or what can we do with this amount of money?

Our children will also get to go out and buy appropriate food supplies in preparation for the actual visit happening in July.

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