Devis Lowella Grace Joy Candia

EB0002 E-Bridge Pre-School (615B Edgefield Plains)

Devis Lowella Grace Joy Candia
18 Jul 2019

Recycle the Present; Save the Future

“Think before you throw.”

The K1 and K2 classes discovered that irresponsible waste disposal could bring a negative impact to the natural environment and to the community.

In conjunction with Earth Day, the K1 and k2 children prepared presentations to raise awareness about the importance of recycling to save the earth. They also made a banner with the theme, “Recycle the Present, Save the Future.”

Besides the song and dance performances, the children also prepared videoclips and slogans to share different ways to save the earth.

It’s always a good thing to invite children to make a pledge. This gesture reminds them of their responsibility as well as their personal commitment to take part in making our world a sustainable place to live.

During the Earth Day celebration, children from all classes gathered to learn about the significance of the event.

The K2 children encouraged the rest of the children to be responsible with their song and dance performance titled, “Responsibility.” One of the line of the song goes like this, “It is our duty to be responsible, to follow through and be true is remarkable. If we work hard, do our part it’s all possible. Oh oh oh, you can be responsible!”

The Kindergarten 1 children also presented the 3R song to increase awareness of the importance of recycling and invite other children to be active in recycling and reusing items to reduce waste.

We closed the celebration by making earth day crafts.

It was indeed a day filled with learning and fun!

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