Peh Say Ling

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Pasir Ris East Blk 426 (kn)

Peh Say Ling
2 Oct 2017

Recycle, a way of giving to the society.

On 30 September, we have finally reach the last lap of our SSDB project of recycling, a way of giving back to the society. With such a great support and enthusiasm displayed by our teachers, children and parents, the project was a commendable encouraging and interesting process, full of memories to be captured.

We started off with excited children bringing in reusable recycled materials. As we collect these items, we decided to combine it with our yearly theme, Singapore, my home my country. The teachers and children mapped with outstanding energy and zest, went on to introduce, discover and rediscover items, products that are uniquely Singapore. We went further in our research and chance upon the idea to create iconic souvenirs. Each class decided to come up with items that can be reused for household purposes using recycled materials, bearing in mind the iconic features/symbols of Singapore.

In addition, parents also did their part with the children for the home based project by creating Singapore’s iconic places.

With such great turnout and effort from the teachers and children, we couldn’t let their efforts go to a waste. Hence we set up an exhibition day, for parents to view the exhibits done by the K2 children and also the other levels. The turnout was great and commendable, with parents highly appreciating our efforts. They were intrigued and supportive of the efforts put into this project exhibit.

As part of giving back to the society, we decided to have a barter trade session in exchange of our project items with perishable and sanitary goods that will be donated to the orphanage which we are collaborating with. The children were excited to get their hands on the souvenirs they have created with passion and love. At the same time, we wanted the children to learn the act of giving to the society and helping those in need.

The barter trade session was a success with parents coming together to honour not only our effort but the children’s too and to support them in teaching ways they can give back to the society. From simple acts that brings great success.

Nonetheless, the perishable and sanitary items collected will be donated to Darul Ikhsan in mid October.

Here are some glimpse of the project process…

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