PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Pasir Ris East Blk 426 (kn)

Block 426 Pasir Ris Dr 6,
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Our Vision

A choice pre-school that nurtures young minds to the best of their potential.

Our Mission

To provide a conducive, fun-filled learning environment for children to explore, create and grow.

Our Core Values

T-rust: I am comfortable working with adults and peers

R-esilience: I have the determination to go on

I-ntegrity: I will do the right things at all times

P-erseverance: I will not give up easily and am willing to give it another try: - "where everyone embarks on a TRIP to life-long learning"

About the Centre

PCF Pasir Ris East Blk 426 has been around for 22 years in the Pasir Ris East Estate. It has undergone renovation works which was completed in Dec 2011; it included the brilliant addition of a reading loft in two classrooms. The reading lofts provide a comfortable and cozy environment to stimulate the child’s interest in reading. Perched safely in a corner of the classroom, the loft provides a spectacular bird’s eye view of all the activities going on down below. In this way, the children can cultivate a love for literature as they realize the joys reading can bring.

The centre at Blk 427 (an extension) has also adopted an open-air classroom concept whereby the rooms are spaced apart with no more than a pillar between the two.

Mini projects

The centre believes in allowing the children to explore real-world problems and challenges through project based learning. For instance, the children have done a mini project on “Singapore-My Country, My Home”.

Speech & Drama

Whether a child is reserved or exuberant, Speech & Drama lessons provide an outlet where children can express themselves, which they may not be able to do in a regular classroom setting. Children are exposed to public speaking and role-playing, in which they are put into different scenarios and take on different characters to allow them to experience the world from perspectives outside their own. Speech & Drama, or as it is known at the centre, the “SPICE” Program is conducted every week for an hour.

Environmental Awareness

The Greenwave Project allows children to play a part in caring for a tree. The children were introduced to the 3 R’s. The children are encouraged to bring home and share what they have learnt at the centre, so that the green message continues to spread throughout the whole family.

Facilities to promote Motor Skills Development

The centre has a room dedicated to cater to the child’s Motor Skills Development (MSD). In 2011, with the aid of the Facilities Grant, a traverse wall became a brilliant addition to the room for children to do "rock-climbing", a sport which improves one’s coordination and self-confidence in the process. MSD is not limited to indoor room, but outside as well. MSD lessons are conducted twice a week to kick-start the child’s healthy and active lifestyle from a young age. Also, the children undergo music lessons which not only impart the technical skills in playing an instrument, but learn the essence of creative musical expression and how to play together with others in an ensemble.

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To find out more about the centre, go to Pasir Ris East

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