My First Skool @ Pasir Ris Blk 234/ 487/ 486

14 Aug 2020

Racial Harmony Day event in PR2

24th July 2020

We celebrated Racial Harmony Day with our SSDB project in mind – Be kind to one another. The children were involved in fun and games in the morning – Zero Point (where children had to jump over the skipping rope that is made using rubber bands), Five stones (persevere through by throwing a mini triangular cloth bag filled with stones upwards before catching it), Mikado (taking turns to pick up one stick after another) and also playing with Capteh (keeping the capteh in the air for as long as possible, but made simple for the children). 

In the afternoon, the children did a recap on what they did in the morning. We also talked about how we can greet each other in different languages – the first act of kindness, to show that we care for one another and to put a smile on each other’s faces. The teachers went through the posters by the Singapore Kindness Movement where Singa and his friends share simple words and phrases to help get along well with each other. The posters are pasted in the classroom – right beside our classroom rules.

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