Laqui Cindy Atienza

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Radin Mas Blk 18 (DS)

Laqui Cindy Atienza
17 Sep 2020

Project Launching: A Touch of Love With Little Hands

For this year, we emphasized the importance of intergenerational relationships to reinforce children’s sense of sympathy and care for the elderly. Our project, ‘ A Touch Of Love With Little Hands’ aims to build relationships, help both children and elderly to benefit from the enthusiam, knowledge and attitudes of each other and let them develop a positive disposition towards community service. The project was launched on the 6th April 2019 with the presence of supportive parents and staff. K1 and K2 children presented a story telling and a song performance about showing kindness and care for others.

It was a successful launching event as the parents showed support and interest on how the project will be used to help and expose their children in developing communication and building relationship with the older generations.

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