MOE Kindergarten @ Northoaks

MOE Kindergarten @ Northoaks

MOE Kindergarten @ Northoaks
28 Jun 2017

Preparing for the carnival

Once the children were motivated to do their part to save the Earth, they brainstormed about they could make to sell during the ‘Save Our Home’ Carnival. They started getting creative and worked together to make their crafts and games.

To make sure they were saving the Earth, the children used recycled materials to make their masterpieces. They realised they can save the Earth by recycling and not wasting Its materials and were very involved in choosing the materials and the design of their crafts.

The children painting and decorating their ‘bowling pins’ made of recycled plastic bottles.

Using the cardboard from kitchen towels, they made a card holder.

K1s working hard to paint the cardboard box for their golf game. They also decorated recycled tissue boxes to make it a nice pencil holder.

The K2s made toys such as paper aeroplanes to add some fun to the carnival.

A day before the carnival, the K2s made and decorated cookies and cupcakes to sell as a delicious treat at the carnival.

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