Tan Hui Jun

Little Atlas Preschool

Tan Hui Jun
17 May

Pre-SSDB Anniversary Celebration Rehearsals

We are thrilled to share that as a recognition of our dedication to the SSDB project in 2023, Little Atlas has been invited to participate in the SSDB 2024 10th-Year Anniversary Ceremony, set amidst the stunning backdrop of Gardens by the Bay!

Here’s a sneak peek into what we’ve been up to in preparation for this grand event:

  1. Representing Caring for Community

Little Atlas proudly represents the “Caring for Community” category among the four categories celebrated in SSDB; Caring for Community, Caring for Family and Friends, Caring for Environment, and Caring for Animals.

  1. Creative Contributions

To showcase our commitment to community care, we’ve been hard at work preparing a dance item and crafting SSDB mascot costumes. These costumes, worn by four of our children, are not just eye-catching but also environmentally friendly.

Linking to our theme of caring for the community, our mascot costumes are crafted from recycled materials. From cardboard boxes and felt as the base to using plastic bags (Start), old classroom decorative (Small), cotton stuffing from soft toys (Dream), and donated crepe papers (Big) for the characters, sustainability is at the heart of our creations.

Our dedicated teachers have gone above and beyond, devoting over two weeks to complete these intricate mascot costumes, ensuring they reflect our values and message accurately.

3.Valuable Opportunities

After holding 3 rounds of auditions, we’ve selected 16 performers who have been putting their best foot forward during practice sessions. Their dedication and hard work aim to deliver an unforgettable performance on the event day.

With one month of intensive practice, our performers are gearing up to shine on stage and showcase the essence of community care through their dance and portrayal of our SSDB mascots.

Stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll share all the exciting details of the event day and how our performance captivated the audience’s hearts!

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