Razanah Binte Abdul Razak

PPIS Child Development Centre Bukit Batok

Razanah Binte Abdul Razak
31 Aug 2017

PPIS Child Development Centre - Bukit Batok's "We Love Our Feline Friends" Party

On 4th April 2017, we launched our Start Small Dream Big project titled “We Love Our Feline Friends”. The objective of this project is to instill empathy and have compassion towards the feline friends. It also aims to create awareness of cruelty towards animals, especially cats. Snacks such as Meow Meow Donuts, Hot Kitty Cakes, ‘Feline’ drinks, Kitty Katty Cookies and Power Cat Salad were prepared by the teachers and children. Families were cordially invited to commemorate this fund raising event where all the proceed will be given to SPCA for the cats’ welfare. We had parents who came along with their feline friends. A parent voluntereed as a guest speaker to share and talk about how to look after the cats. The children had the opportunity to touch, feel and cuddle the cat. Children from Nursery to Kindergarten 2 were able to display their financial literacy knowledge in this event.

Feline drink stall preparation on the go!

Nursery children chanted, “Hot Kitty Cakes, Hot Kitty Cakes, 1 dollar 2 dollar, Hot Kitty Cakes!”

The K1 sang, “Come and buy the Kitty Katty Kookies from the K1 stall.”

“Go, Go Power Cat Salad!”, the Playgroup 2 children exclaimed.

“Smile, children!”

“Here’s your change, Rizqa,” said Jazeel. Buy and sell for a good cause.

Children and parents listening to the talk.

Phototaking session with Syamil the cat.

Getting to know Syamil.

“Meow, I love cats,” said Wafa who had her face painted.

“I love this soft furry kitten,” said Adeena as she cuddled the kitten.

Our Senior Principal, Mdm Zulaihabe with one of our supporters from Circle of Care bought the Meow Meow Donuts from the Playgroup 1 stall.

The 2nd part of our project was carried out on 6th July 2017 after we finally received the orange hats from ECDA. This event was celebrated together with our in-house Hari Raya Celebration 2017. Parents and grandparents enjoyed the canvas painting with their children and grandchildren.

“Atok let’s paint together,” Hazlee said to his grandfather.

“Smile mummy!” Amsyar said to his mum.

A beautiful painting done by Mysha.

“Yay, our painting is ready!”, Raudhah exclaimed.

“Mummy daddy join us,” Luqman said.

Ms.UJ a representitive from SPCA and Teacher Rabiah a representative of PPIS Child Development Centre - Bukit Batok

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